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Ahoy, adventurers! Unprecedented three-and-a-half-year cruise to set sail in 2024



Embark on a global odyssey: The voyage of a lifetime awaits those ready to cruise for years

In a groundbreaking maritime venture, a cruise is set to redefine the concept of sea voyages as it prepares to cast off for an extraordinary three-and-a-half years. This unparalleled escapade, slated to commence in May 2024, promises a global odyssey like never before.

For those seeking the ultimate maritime experience, the option to join the cruise for its entire duration is a tantalizing possibility. However, exclusivity comes at a cost, requiring passengers to have purchased a cabin on the ship to partake in the entire three-and-a-half-year odyssey.

Surprisingly, cabins on this floating abode are available for purchase, ranging from $100,000 for an interior stateroom to $250,000 for a room with a balcony offering breathtaking sea views. The financial commitment doesn’t end there, as monthly charges of around $3,500 will continue to accompany passengers throughout their extended maritime sojourn.

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Should the idea of permanent ownership not appeal, fortunate owners of cabins have the option to lease or sell their maritime abodes, with 15 percent of the 630 cabins open for such transactions.

For those preferring a more flexible approach, the remaining 85 percent of cabins can be leased on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Prices for this flexible arrangement start at approximately $4,360 for a 35-day voyage from Barcelona to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Beyond the financial considerations, the floating haven boasts amenities typical of luxury cruise ships, including pools, live entertainment, and a variety of dining options. Workaholics need not worry, as the ship is equipped with facilities like a business center and Wi-Fi-enabled offices, allowing passengers to stay connected even amidst the waves.

The grand maritime odyssey will kick off in Southampton, UK, and chart a course through 87 days in northern Europe, 105 days in North America, 68 days in Africa, and 76 days in South Asia. Anticipated to host between 800 and 900 guests at any given time, the Villa Vie Residences ship promises an unparalleled fusion of luxury, adventure, and global exploration.

As the maritime spectacle sets sail, eager travelers worldwide await the chance to be part of this monumental expedition, marking their calendars for the journey’s conclusion at the close of 2027.


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