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$56 million ‘wedding of the century’ unveils jaw-dropping gift registry



Madelaine Brockway and Jacob Lagrone’s wedding wish list leaves us speechless

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In the realm of opulence, Madelaine Day Brockway and Jacob Chase LaGrone have set a new standard with their $56 million wedding, and their gift registry is equally mind-boggling.

Dazzling Details of the Lavish Affair

Published on November 18, the four-day celebration of Brockway and LaGrone’s union became an internet sensation, rightly earning the title of the ‘wedding of the century.’ The 26-year-old heiress to a Florida car dealership empire and her now-incarcerated partner spared no expense. From a five-star bachelorette party in Utah to a Dior Haute couture wedding dress, an overnight stay at the Palace of Versailles, and a private Maroon 5 performance, every detail screamed extravagance.

No Limits to Luxury: The $56 Million Gift Registry

The couple, seemingly unfazed by their already lavish affair, curated not one but two gift registries, leaving guests stunned with their expectations. Neiman Marcus and PS The Letter played host to their extravagant wish list.

On the Neiman Marcus registry, guests were presented with jaw-dropping options, including a MacKenzie-Childs Sterling Check Three-Tier Sweet Stand at a casual $650. For those with a penchant for high-priced soap dispensers, there’s a $99 option that defies all expectations. Not to be outdone, a tissue box adorned with Swarovski Crystals carries a price tag of $550.

From Frog Garden Seats to $2,600 Picture Frames

The list continues with items that redefine luxury – a $1,295 frog garden seat, a $5,800 flower bowl, and a singular picture frame valued at $2,600. Despite the seemingly ambitious nature of these requests, many have been ‘fulfilled,’ according to the registry site, leaving us utterly astonished.

The Wedding Registry Extravaganza Unveiled

As the ‘wedding of the century’ continues to captivate our attention, the mesmerizing gift registry of Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone remains a testament to the limitless desires of the super-rich. For those curious souls wondering what one might gift at a $56 million celebration, the answer is nothing short of extravagant.


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