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23-year-old private jet pilot spills the beans on the glamorous and wild side of her job



Eva Lucas, living the high life above the clouds, shares the ups and downs of private jet piloting

Image by DCStudio on Freepik

At just 23 years old, private jet pilot Eva Lucas is already soaring through the skies and sharing some of the most incredible aspects of her job. Leaving behind conventional career paths, Lucas embarked on her journey to become a pilot at the tender age of 19, driven by a passion ignited during her very first flying lesson.

Lucas, based in Florida, divulged the wild experiences that come with her role, painting a picture vastly different from the 9-to-5 grind. Operating on a schedule of 20 days on and 10 days off, she must be ready to take flight at a moment’s notice to accommodate her clients, who may range from celebrities to business moguls.

One of the perks of Lucas’s job is the opportunity to jet-set around the globe, with assignments taking her to destinations such as South Korea, France, and the UK. Despite the demanding schedule, the allure of exploring international skies adds an element of excitement to her daily routine.

While most young adults are navigating post-college life, Lucas enjoys a lifestyle that includes staying at Marriott hotels and a generous food budget of $75 for domestic flights and $125 for international trips. The financial rewards of her career are substantial, with private jet pilot salaries starting at around $60,000 and potentially soaring to an average of $225,000, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Lucas also shared some surreal experiences, recounting a memorable flight where she transported a famous DJ to a concert in Denver, Colorado. To top it off, she was invited to attend the show for free, complete with a backstage VIP pass. The following day, it was business as usual as she flew the DJ back to his destination.

As most young adults navigate the complexities of early adulthood, Lucas finds herself living the high life both in the clouds and on the ground, showcasing the glamorous and thrilling side of being a private jet pilot.


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