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20 years on, rape survivor appeals for justice: “Begs attacker to come forward”



Tyne and Wear woman relives trauma, urges attacker to make amends

In a harrowing revelation, a woman from Tyne and Wear, who endured a brutal hour-long rape at knifepoint two decades ago, has made a desperate plea for her attacker to step forward and face justice. The survivor, now 37, has been haunted by the traumatic event that occurred in Washington Village, Tyne and Wear, on July 22, 2003, and is urging her assailant to make amends for the life-changing impact he had on her.

Addressing her attacker directly from her home, the woman emphasized the lasting consequences of the assault and implored him to come forward, saying, “You have had a significant impact on someone’s life. You have tried to get away for long enough. He has escaped justice for long enough. So make it your New Year’s resolution to come forward now.”

The perpetrator, who picked up the then-16-year-old victim from a public footpath and subjected her to a horrifying ordeal in the bushes, threatened her with a knife and verbally abused her during the attack. Despite extensive efforts by Northumbria Police, including house-to-house inquiries, statements, and public appeals, the attacker remains at large.

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Detective Chief Inspector John Connolly of Northumbria Police’s Safeguarding Department commended the survivor’s courage and urged anyone with information to come forward, emphasizing that “it’s never too late” to provide crucial details.

The survivor, who cannot be named, reflected on the enduring impact of the assault on her daily life, stating, “I wake every day and pray that an offender will be caught, so that I can feel that someone has been made accountable for the horrendous impact this has had on my life. So please help me to find this man, who has not yet paid for his actions 20 years on. I need this case kept alive, so he knows this is not forgotten.”

Detective Inspector Alan Cairns, also of Northumbria Police, reiterated the appeal for fresh information and described the attacker’s escape in a mahogany-colored car after the assault. The e-fit depicts a white man wearing a cap and a jacket or coat with a distinctive collar.

The survivor provided a description of the attacker, highlighting that he had a Wearside accent and appeared familiar with the Washington Village area. Despite the passage of time, the survivor hopes for justice and pleads for anyone with information to come forward. The case remains open, and the victim is determined to keep it alive until her assailant is held accountable for his actions.


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