Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Tuesday June 18, 2024
Tuesday June 18, 2024

Sunak struggles to steady Tories as Farage pushes for BBC debate spot

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak works to regain control of the Conservative election campaign amid rising pressure from Nigel Farage and reform UK.


Supreme Court overturns Trump-era ban on bump stocks, reigniting gun control debate

The ruling by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority challenges the Trump administration's restrictions on rapid-fire gun accessories used in the Las Vegas mass shooting


Kate Middleton hints at possible return amidst trooping the Colour apology

Prince William shares the whimsical origin of his "Harry Potter" scar during a visit to Wales


HBO renews House of the Dragon for a third season ahead of the season 2 premiere

The prequel series to Game of Thrones secures another season amid anticipation for its upcoming second season


Keely Hodgkinson overcomes illness to claim European 800m gold

Despite battling illness, Hodgkinson triumphs in European championships with a gutsy performance, while British women secure 4x100m gold


Apple integrates OpenAI’s chatbot into Siri for AI overhaul

Apple unveils plans to enhance Siri and operating systems with chatGPT as part of its new "Apple Intelligence" system, despite concerns raised by Elon Musk.


Tesla challenges $5.6 billion legal fee over voided Musk pay package

Tesla argues that the legal team responsible for voiding Elon Musk's pay package should receive a fraction of the requested fee due to minimal benefit to the company


Shein’s meteoric rise: From startup to fashion powerhouse

How Shein became a global fast fashion giant, overcoming controversies and reshaping the industry

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Q: I want to experience the feeling of being changed by a book, that inspires, in a way that the person I was before...

Ans: Books touch our hearts in a way that nothing in the world can. They leave an imprint on our hearts forever. They inspire us, mold us, transform us and make us feel whole again...

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