Saturday, July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024

Keir Starmer signals shift in UK’s asylum policy at European summit

UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer explores offshoring asylum claims as part of efforts to strengthen ties with Europe and tackle irregular migration


Dominic Perrottet announces resignation from NSW parliament

Former premier reflects on his political career as he steps down 18 months after election defeat


Kensington Palace releases new message from Kate Middleton amid cancer treatment

The Princess of Wales voices support for the Natural History Museum's new gardens while continuing her chemotherapy treatment


Emma Watson’s ‘stalker’ arrested after demanding to meet actress at Oxford

Chad Michael Busto, previously arrested for a similar incident in New York, was detained in Oxford for seeking out the Harry Potter Star


Lewis Hamilton sends surprising text message to Carlos Alcaraz after Wimbledon win

The seven-time world champion congratulates the young tennis star, joining other notable personalities in celebrating alcaraz's victory


The largest stegosaurus fossil ever found sells for a record $44.6m at Sotheby’s auction

Dubbed "Apex," the 150-million-year-old dinosaur specimen exceeds expectations, setting a new benchmark in fossil auction history


Bitcoin surges amid bets on Donald Trump’s election victory following an assassination attempt

Cryptocurrency sees a significant rise as traders predict a trump win, influencing various market sectors


Enjoying red meat, cheese, and wine: A balanced approach to health

Tim Spector advocates for moderation, emphasizing that enjoying indulgent foods can coexist with a healthy lifestyle

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Q: I want to experience the feeling of being changed by a book, that inspires, in a way that the person I was before...

Ans: Books touch our hearts in a way that nothing in the world can. They leave an imprint on our hearts forever. They inspire us, mold us, transform us and make us feel whole again...

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