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UN chief warns of potential ‘crimes against humanity’ in Sudan amid ongoing conflict

Antonio Guterres highlights the severe humanitarian crisis and escalating violence in Sudan, particularly in Darfur, as the conflict reaches its one-year mark

Year-long Sudan conflict devastates lives, with no end in sight

Sudanese journalist provides a poignant eyewitness account of the ongoing civil strife tearing apart her homeland

Crisis in Sudan: Unending sorrow in Darfur amid starvation and conflict

Children in Darfur’s displacement camps face starvation as Sudan’s civil war fuels a severe hunger crisis, claiming lives daily

UN raises alarm over Sudan’s humanitarian crisis

Calls intensify for global action as Sudan faces dire human needs

Anonymous Sudan strikes back: massive cyber attack hits UK in retaliation to Yemen airstrikes

Hacktivist group targets internet exchange, citing UK support for Israel amidst Yemen operations

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