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Tag: Murder

11 arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after knife attack in Bristol

Two men hospitalized in serious condition following an early morning attack in Easton; police implement enhanced stop and search powers

Accused killer Greg Lynn apologizes to campers’ families but denies murder

Greg Lynn, the accused double murderer, expresses remorse to the families of the victims but maintains his innocence in the trial

Suspect in Baja California surfers’ triple murder identified and arrested

Mexican authorities link suspect "El Kekas" to the deaths of two Australian brothers and a San Diego man

Teen found guilty of murdering schoolmate outside Leeds primary school

A tragic incident unfolded in Leeds as a teen was convicted of fatally stabbing 15-year-old Alfie Lewis in front of peers and parents

Tragic family incident in Boolaroo: Teen charged with murder of younger sister

A devastating family tragedy unfolds as a 17-year-old girl is charged with the murder of her 10-year-old sister in their Boogaloo home In a harrowing...

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