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Q: I want to experience the feeling of being changed by a book, that inspires, in a way that the person I was before...

Ans: Books touch our hearts in a way that nothing in the world can. They leave an imprint on our hearts forever. They inspire us, mold us, transform us and make us feel whole again...

Embarking on the Journey of My Twenties: A Heartfelt Exploration of Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Through unlearning, being, and doing, I've embraced authenticity, courage, and ownership. Challenges abound, but each hurdle is a chance to evolve. Here's to the next chapter, brimming with possibility and growth!

Effortless Living: Debunking the Myth of Life’s Complexity

Get ready to shake up your perspective as we dive into the realm of effortless living amidst life's intricate tapestry. In this blog, we're...

Heartbreaking tale unfolds as organ recipient lives parallel life and tragically ends it the same way

Man, who received heart from suicide victim and married widow, succumbs to same fate years later

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