Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

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Tag: Kamala Harris

Secret Service agent hospitalized after distressing incident at Joint Base Andrews

A Secret Service agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris was hospitalized following unusual behaviour at a military base, prompting a full investigation.

Vice President Harris blames Trump for Arizona abortion restrictions during Tucson speech

In response to Arizona's Supreme Court enforcing a near-total abortion ban, VP Harris intensifies campaign rhetoric, linking Trump to restrictive policies

Vice President Kamala Harris misstates NCAA women’s tournament bracket history

Harris's comments on the history of NCAA women's basketball brackets draw attention to inaccuracies regarding their introduction.

Dwayne Johnson withdraws political endorsements for the 2024 election

In a notable shift, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson opts out of endorsing any candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential race, citing a desire to unite the country

U.S. warns Israel of potential consequences over Rafah invasion plan

Vice President Harris states a military operation in Rafah by Israel would be a "huge mistake," leaving consequences on the table

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