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Dua Lipa unveils glimpses of ‘Radical Optimism’ album: A journey of resilience and rhythms

With snippets of new tracks and insights into her creative process, Dua Lipa sets the stage for her eagerly awaited album, 'Radical Optimism'

The iron lung hero: Paul Alexander’s inspiring journey of survival and triumph

Overcoming life's ultimate challenge: How a polio survivor lived 70 years inside a mechanical marvel

Brendan Fraser’s journey: From divorce to finding love again

The acclaimed actor navigates personal challenges and embraces a new chapter alongside Jeanne More

Drunk passenger headbutts Emirates steward on Islamabad-bound flight

Shocking altercation unfolds mid-air, prompting emergency restraints and police intervention

Author announces her own passing in emotional final blog post following dementia diagnosis

Dr. Wendy Mitchell's poignant message sparks conversation on assisted dying and dementia awareness

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