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How to stream ‘Godzilla Minus One’ in the U.S. Amidst high demand

U.S. fans seek workaround to watch the Oscar-winning japanese film currently exclusive to Amazon Prime Video Japan

Biden reinforces defence ties with Japan, Philippines amid China’s maritime aggression

President Joe Biden reaffirms U.S. support, pledging to strengthen security and military collaboration in response to Chinese activities in the South China Sea

Jimmy Kimmel critiques U.S. Cleanliness after Japan visit

Late-night host compares the cleanliness of Japan favourably to the U.S., sparking discussions on American urban issues

Massive earthquake rocks Taiwan: Tsunami warnings issued

A 7.4 magnitude quake hits Taiwan, killing four and injuring 60, with tsunami alerts in Japan, Philippines

Love knows no bars: The tale of a Monkey’s mysterious pregnancy unveiled at Japanese Zoo

Unravelling the enigma: How a secluded gibbon mother defied odds to welcome a newborn

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