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Monday July 22, 2024

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Israel-Hamas conflict: Escalation in South Lebanon and retaliatory strikes

Israeli airstrikes claim lives in South Lebanon, prompting Hezbollah's retaliation with attacks on military sites in Israel amid escalating tensions

Amid campus unrest, families rethink college choices

As protests intensify at universities across the U.S., parents and prospective students adjust their enrollment decisions, prioritizing campus safety and community response

USC cancels main graduation ceremony amid nationwide campus protests

The University of Southern California opts for multiple smaller events following safety concerns and recent arrests linked to ongoing protests.

Pro-Palestinian activist faces 16 felonies after threatening city council

During a heated speech at a city council meeting, Riddhi Patel made severe threats against council members, leading to multiple felony charges

Israel-Hamas ceasefire efforts intensify amid global watch: What do we know so far?

Will the Israel-Hamas conflict ever come to an end? Exploring ceasefire talks from different perspectives

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