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White House leaves Hunter Biden commutation open after gun conviction

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasizes family support but offers no firm stance on potential commutation for President Biden's son

Hunter Biden convicted on federal gun charges, marking presidential family’s first criminal conviction

Federal Jury finds President Biden's son guilty on all counts, signalling significant legal and political implications

Jury deliberates in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial

Hunter Biden's fate hangs in the balance as the jury begins deliberations in his federal gun trial, facing charges related to his 2018 firearm purchase

Hunter Biden trial: Defense considers testimony as prosecution rests

Hunter Biden's federal gun trial in Delaware sees key testimony from his daughter Naomi Biden as the prosecution rests its case

An intimate portrait of Hunter Biden’s drug use emerges in trial testimony

Hunter Biden's former girlfriend, Hallie Biden, provides harrowing details of his drug addiction and the events leading up to his gun-related charges

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