Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday July 14, 2024
Sunday July 14, 2024

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Tragic DUI crash kills eight Florida farmworkers, driver arrested

Fatal collision raises concerns about farmworker transportation safety and prompts community response

Tiger Woods’ son Charlie to compete for US Open qualification at 15

Following in his father's legendary footsteps, Charlie Woods sets his sights on the US Open, starting with local qualifiers in Florida

Florida man reunited with mother’s ashes after thief returns them following car theft

A heartfelt turn in a distressing situation as a Florida man's stolen car leads to an unexpected return of his mother's ashes.

Tragic protest: Man dies after self-immolation near Trump trial site

Max Azzarello, a 37-year-old from Florida, succumbed to injuries after a shocking protest act in Manhattan, spotlighting his political concerns

Meghan Markle dazzles in backless dress at Florida charity dinner with Prince Harry

Amidst a luxurious stay at a palm beach resort, Meghan Markle’s fashion choice steals the spotlight at a charity event, sparking varied public reactions

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