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Tag: Fast Food

Fast food industry turns to AI amid rising minimum wage costs

California fast food operators accelerate AI integration to mitigate the financial impact of the new $20 hourly wage law

Wendy’s manager engages in $20,000 wage theft through “Ghost Employee” scheme

Inventive fraud by a fast-food manager was uncovered after nearly a year, sparking widespread discussion and investigation

Why our burgers cost a pretty penny, Five Guys breaks the silence on pricing

Behind the hefty price tag: Five Guys defends its gourmet approach amid customer backlash

McDonald’s goes anime: Introducing WcDonald’s with manga-inspired makeover

Fast food giant embraces anime culture with temporary McDonald's rebrand and immersive experience

Subway shock: Ohio woman charged $1,010 for a single sandwich, seeks resolution

Customer left stunned as routine fast food stop turns into a financial nightmare

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