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Sunak stresses general election result is not guaranteed despite local setbacks

Prime Minister vows to fight on, highlighting progress in economy and migration amid Labour's strong poll lead and internal Conservative dissent

Crucial local elections open across England and Wales today

Voters in England and Wales head to polls to decide on local authorities, mayoral races, and a pivotal parliamentary by-election

Modi’s BJP ramps up campaign spend, engages youth with digital content as India votes

As the Indian elections kick off, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP intensifies efforts to capture the youth vote with innovative online campaigns

UK youth share mixed feelings on voting in upcoming elections

Under-30s in Britain express varying levels of engagement and scepticism about the impact of their votes in political elections

India election 2024: Key parties and leaders vying for power in upcoming polls

As India prepares for its 2024 general elections, here's a look at the major political players including Modi's BJP, congress under Rahul Gandhi, and other influential parties

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