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Loyal dog stays by owner’s side until rescue, sparks outpouring of support

Swansea community rallies to aid Poppy, the toy poodle, after her weeklong vigil beside her deceased owner

FranDan: The heartwarming tale of a dog and postman duo

Chicago's unlikely friends break the internet with viral friendship In a delightful turn of events that challenges the age-old narrative of dogs versus postal workers,...

Shocking arrest: Couple nabbed for bestiality scandal

Woman, 26, allegedly engages in inappropriate relations with family dog while partner films

Amazon driver allegedly attempts to snatch customer’s dog: Shocking incident unfolds in Atlanta!

In a startling turn of events, an Amazon delivery driver in Atlanta, Georgia, reportedly tried to make off with a customer's beloved canine companion right from his delivery truck.

Horror unleashed: XL Bully mauls owner and bystander, forced to be shot dead

A terrifying attack unfolds in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, leaving two injured and a menacing dog dead

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