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Tag: Cats

Bird flu outbreak at Texas farm leads to fatal infections in cats

CDC confirms deaths of cats after consumption of raw milk from infected cows, underscoring the importance of pasteurization

Taylor Swift’s love for cats inspires a key element in ‘Argylle’

The pop star's affection for felines influenced a significant aspect of the new mystery thriller, featuring a cat sidekick alongside Bryce Dallas Howard

Vet’s flea warning: Urgent alert for UK dog and cat owners

Amidst common misconceptions, veterinarian Jamie Walker highlights the persistent risk of flea infestations, even in winter

Cat-hoarding duo banned from owning pets after 11 felines perish in house blaze

In a distressing revelation, Martin Clowes, 55, and Gavin Cromwell, 42, have been handed a 10-year ban on keeping animals

Feline fury unleashed: British cats revealed as culprits in global wildlife carnage

New study exposes shocking reality: domestic moggies target over 2,000 species, posing threat to global biodiversity

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