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Texas challenges Biden administration’s expanded LGBTQ+ protections in federal court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues over new federal rules extending anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQTexas Lawsuit LGBTQ+ Protections+ students, alleging overreach.

U.S. Secretly sends long-range missiles to Ukraine, escalating military aid

The Biden administration discreetly provided ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, marking a significant escalation in U.S. military support amid the ongoing conflict with Russia

Biden administration awards Samsung $6.4 billion to expand Texas chip manufacturing

The significant investment from the CHIPS Act aims to enhance U.S. Semiconductor capabilities and reduce reliance on foreign chip production

Senator Rubio criticizes Biden over alleged leak in Netanyahu call

Rubio accuses the administration of compromising diplomatic talks to pacify anti-Israel factions within the democratic party

Biden announces $7.4 billion student debt cancellation for 277,000 borrowers

The new relief targets specific groups, continuing efforts after Supreme Court setbacks on broader plans.

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