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Rishi Sunak’s smoking ban plan faces mixed political fortunes

As Sunak introduces a new smoking ban, reactions vary across party lines and within the Conservative Party itself

Marketers brace for potential TikTok ban in the U.S., sparking contingency plans

With a U.S. ban on TikTok looming, advertisers are exploring alternatives and preparing for the possible redirection of billions in ad revenue

Cat-hoarding duo banned from owning pets after 11 felines perish in house blaze

In a distressing revelation, Martin Clowes, 55, and Gavin Cromwell, 42, have been handed a 10-year ban on keeping animals

Britney Spears’ Poolside Antics lead to ban at luxurious four seasons in LA

Pop icon allegedly banned for 'Bizarre Behavior' as guests complain about uncomfortable encounters.

Calvin Klein faces ban on FKA twigs ad over ‘Overly Sexualised’ depiction

ASA rules Calvin Klein's campaign objectified women, demands future ads avoid irresponsible portrayals

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