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Tag: Arrested

Met officer found guilty of assault after wrongful arrest for bus fare evasion

PC Perry Lathwood's actions resulted in bruising injuries to Jocelyn Agyemang in front of her young son

Suspect in Baja California surfers’ triple murder identified and arrested

Mexican authorities link suspect "El Kekas" to the deaths of two Australian brothers and a San Diego man

Violence erupts on college campuses; student journalists are assaulted and arrested

As pro-Palestinian protests intensify, student journalists face assaults and arrests, while police restrict access to media coverage

Hundreds of students arrested in US Gaza war protests, scuffles at UCLA

Police deploy chemical irritants and tasers as pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators clash

Morgan Wallen arrested for reckless endangerment at Nashville’s Broadway bar

Country singer Morgan Wallen faces charges following an incident involving a chair thrown from eric church's bar rooftop, narrowly missing police officers below

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